Financial transaction management for the modern business

Integrated, scalable framework to manage the full lifecycle of your financial transactions.

We help companies of all sizes to strengthen, streamline and automate financial processes and accounting tasks.

Modfin handles more than 17 million transactions a month.

The missing link between engineering and accounting

We believe that cumbersome, slow and error-prone financial processes are rooted in incompatible engineering and financial systems. We rebuilt financial transaction management from the ground up to provide an integrated alternative that borrows the best ideas from both worlds. Modfin saves organizations time and money through automation, enhanced analytics capabilities and significantly higher accuracy.

Transaction management framework

Transaction management framework

Modfin understands and drives the financial processes that power your business. With Modfin, you can map key finance operations to our standardized, extensible transaction library. Our Transactional Graph is designed to efficiently capture complexity and support modern business models and processes.

Financial data store

High performance, auditable financial data store

The Modfin Ledger serves as a system of record for your financial transactions. It is transaction-level to give you access to all the detail you need. We adhere to essential accounting rules to make sure your data is consistent, predictable, compliant and fully auditable.

Accounting automation

Accounting automation and real-time analytics

We thrive on re-imagining and automating accounting processes, such as reconciliation tasks. Modfin also gives you extensive functionality for financial analysis, diagnostics and answering complex accounting questions. Our analytics platform is fast, flexible and scales effortlessly to meet the needs of your business.

Seamless integrations

We built robust integrations with major payment processors and banks to manage, record and reconcile payments. Modfin also uses an extensible transaction library to consume in-house data sources or event streams and map them to a standardized, unified ledger. We can interoperate with most major accounting and ERP systems.

High transaction velocity

Modfin was built for massive transaction volume. Our modern infrastructure and innovative technology allows for unlimited scaling without compromising speed or data quality. We borrowed from big data technologies to make sure we can operate lightning fast and with high accuracy, no matter the volume.

Unfazed by complexity

Today's businesses are complex in nature. Our Transactional Graph captures intricate chains of interoperating transactions that mirror key business processes. Whether you operate a global marketplace, a lending platform, have an extensive list of fees or deal with dozens of currencies, we've got you covered.

Core features

Transaction management framework


Modfin supports the full sales lifecycle from cart, order, fees and taxes through invoices to payments and provider payouts. We excel at payment management and follow each transaction through authorization, settlement, reversal and refund.

Transaction management framework

On-demand services

We provide extensive fee management, no matter how complicated the fee structure or the allocation between customer and provider. You can track and follow the status of each fee charged. Modfin can manage the merchant of record process for you to make sure that you always collect and pay out the correct amount.

Transaction management framework

Lending / asset management

Modfin supports loan issuance transactions, setting up payment schedules and handle proper payment allocation. You can book and manage investor holdings and follow splits, transfers and trades of assets. Modfin can help you provide granular and accurate reporting to your key investors or providers.

Compliance and audit support

We track and clear every sale, payment, fee, payout or any other transaction, hence audit data is readily available for any past or present outstanding balance. Give your auditors what they need and stop compiling and sending spreadsheets back and forth.

Intelligent accounting automation

Payment and cash reconciliation

Transaction feeds from payment processors and bank accounts become an integral part of your ledger, automating transaction-level reconciliation. Mismatched transactions are flagged and categorized to help you identify the root cause and resolve the issue.

Netting payables & receivables

Net balances at the individual account level and compute metrics on the net balance.

Account aging / delinquencies

We calculate the age of every component of a balance, let you customize buckets and help identify delinquncies and predict loss reserve.

Currency gains and losses

Use settlement data from payment processors to automatically book any gain/loss on currency translations.

Diagnostics & data integrity

Instantly identify imbalances and see the health of your finance systems.

And more fine-grained analytics...

The combination of our standardized transactional data and our high performance analytics engine provides insights and reporting at a level of granularity and speed that is unmatched by other analytics tools.

Our Technology

The Modfin Ledger

The Modfin ledger is a system of record for financial transactions. Modfin can consume a variety of internal and external data sources, build a standardized, easily auditable and self-reconciling transaction-level ledger containing billions of transactions.


We use our array of integrations and extensible transaction library to load data both from your in-house systems as well as bank accounts, payment processors or ERP systems. You can also be in the driver seat by recording events through our REST API.


Transactions are captured in a single, common format. We follow key accounting principles, such as immutability, effective dating and double-entry. You can benefit from a set of pre-defined, industry-specific transactions that follow best practices.


Having all your transactional financial data in the same format, combined with Modfin's powerful big data infrastructure, allows you to scale without limits and keep your financial architecture in place as the business grows.

Transactional Graph

Our Transactional Graph captures the transactional relationships and mirrors your financial processes so that any impact of a financial transaction can be reflected on all the related accounts and balances. If you operate a marketplace, payments from a customer will result in payouts to a provider. If you conduct business world-wide, you will need to translate currencies and incur currency gains. If you run a lending platform, you have obligations to your investors. If you provide a subscription service or offer payment plans, you need to worry about future transactions. Your Modfin ledger can intrinsically capture interconnected transactional logic so that you can incorporate your transaction lifecycle end-to-end.


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